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April Fool Status Messages jokes images

Here we come with the collection of some best April Fool status and other stuff for this fun day . Nowadays every person wants to do fun and pranks with their friends or relatives either by calling them or sending text messages or by keeping  double meaning stressful or thinkable jokes and whatsapp statuses on the social media and which results in being some fun time when the other end person comes in the trap of yours and then he call back to you about your prank . Though we van make fun of our friends anytime anywhere but specially on 1st April , we celebrate the April Fool Day . Its very difficult to have some creative April fool status , jokes, images and Ideas but we have a very cool collection of April fool images , April fool Status , April fool messages , April fool gifs , April fool jokes etc for you . You can copy status jokes and messages and download the images from our site. Scroll down and check out now and share this colection on whatsapp and facebook

Happy arpril fool day status messages images

April Fool Status Ideas ( Short Status in hindi and english) 

गुलाब का फूल बाग़ में खिल रहा है, कमल का फूल तालाब में तैर रहा है, जैसमीन का फूल चमन में महक रहा है, और “APRIL” ka “FOOL” status पढ़ रहा है

Z6y w0y Y8y w9x… नहीं समझे ? ज़रा उल्टा करके पढ़ो… जब सीधा समझ नहीं आया तो उल्टा कहाँ से आएगा? Happy April Fool Day

Alia Bhatt at a florist: भईया एक April Phool देना !

मूर्खता के इस पावन पर्व
और पवित्र त्यौहार पर मूर्खों के सरताज को
तहे दिल से हार्दिक बधाई और शुभकामनाएं।
शुभ अप्रेल फूल। 😛

तमाम बेवकूफों को इत्लाह दी जाती है…. आप तो ऐसे पढ़ रहे हैं जैसे ये इत्लाह आपके लिए हो… April Fool

OMG everyone what is that flying over the sky outside!

I am Pregnant! Happy April Fools Day!

Happy April Fool Day! From One Fool To Another.

If you are not fool then press F13. Happy April Fools Day!….

God makes a beautiful place to live, it is called Earth. God makes hundreds of sparks that twinkle, it is called Star. God makes Torch for night, it is called Moon. God makes a perfect person i.e. You, it is called Cartoon. Happy April Fool Day!

I am a Fool, I am a Fool, I am a Fool, OK OK. Now I know You are a Fool. Happy April Fools Day!

Wish you a very happy April Fool Day!

Relationships these days are a joke. It’s like April 1st all year long.

Happy birthday to you, because your born for this day.

On the 1st of April Keep Calm and troll.

Hi Dear FOOL, Wish you a Happy April Fool Day. Today is your day. 😀

Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyful Fool Day to the King of Fools.

You think I am a fool, but you are a greater fool than I am.

Aliens have contacted the Earth, Watch the news and see it.

April Fool Messages in hindi and English ( Very Funny ) 

Is kadar hum aapko chahte hain
Ki duniya wale dekh ke jal jaate hain
Is kadar hum aapko chahte hain
Ki duniya wale dekh ke jal jaate hain
Yun to hum sabhi ko ULLU banate hain,
Lekin aap thoda JALDI ban jaate hain
Happy April Fools day.

Mathematical joke:(13×13×13)=?

Think, Think deeply
Not getting??
Tera(13) tera(13) tera(13)= SUROOR… 🙂

Jab tum aaine ke paas jaate ho to aaina kehta hai
beautiful beautiful?
aur jab tum aaine se dur jate ho to aaina kahata hai
? aprilfool, aprilfool ?

Fool tumhe bheja hai sms me
Zara khol kar to dekhiye…
.Dikha kya???
.Nahi dikha na???
Arre fool ye april ka fool hai jo tumhe fool bana gaya

Fact1: U cannot touch ur lower lip with ur tongue…
Fact2: After reading dis,
99/100 idiots would try it..
April Fool..

I want to say a very special thing to you, “I Like You”. But more than this I like this talent to fool you. Happy April Fools day!

I have changed my number,
Note down my new no.
And plz give me a miss call.
My new number is…..
Dum hai to miss call mar,

Please call me urgent..
Janab message to pura padh liya karo. Pata nahi kaun kab pahle April Fool bana de.

Jab tum aayine ke paas jate ho,
To aayina kehta hai Beautiful Beautiful,
Jab tum aayine se door jate ho,
To aayina kehta hai April Fool! April Fool

Khush toh bohut hoge tum,
Baat hi kuch aisi hai,
1st april jo ho rahi hai,
Dil mein gudgudi si ho rahi hogi,
Aur kyun na ho….?
Saal mein ek hi toh din aata hai jo
Hota hai sirf tumhaare naam…
Happy April Fool Day
All Fool, April Fool….

Fool ne
Foolon ki
Foolwari main
Fool ke saath wish kiya hai
U r the most
Beauti fool
Wonder fool
And color fool
Among all fool’s

A – U are Attractive
B – U are the Best
C – U are Cute
D – U are Dear to Me
E – U are Excellent
F – U are Funny
G – U are Good Looking
H – He…He…He….
I – I’m
Happy April Fool Day Yaar…….

Sine mein dil,
Dil me dard,
Dard me yaqin,
Yaqin mein khayal,
Khayal mein khwab,
Khwab mein tasweer
Tasweer mein sirf aap!
Itna Darawna khuwab?
Baap re Baap… April Fool

Hello Dear, Through this special invitation, I want to invite you for my marriage on this 31st April. Your presence is must because all fools are invited. Happy April Fools Day!

April Fool images and funy gifs 

happy april fool day status messages images

happy april fool day status messages imageshappy april fool day status messages imageshappy april fool day status messages images happy april fool day status messages imageshappy april fool day status messages images happy april fool day status messages images happy april fool day status messages images

Hope you have enjoyed the full collection of April fool status , messages , jokes , images , prank ideas . We continuously update all the stuff . Please visit again and again for new status ideas . If you enjoyed reading this collection , please share it with your friends on whatsapp and facebook or on any other social media apps .

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